Aiming to awaken the foxy sincerity that revolts from symmetry and flourishes in genuine experience, I create mischievous delights, whimsical, carnal, sculptural pieces that grow from a meditation on place, time and jubilant life. The impetus for my work is a love of conversation and process.  What I find most interesting are the connotations we attach to language, identity and experience… and how we appreciate divergent perspectives. A field of grass is just a field of grass; yet, in a breezy afternoon, when the sun shines through bright white clouds, it is alive and a part of me and a part of you.


September 21-24, 2017... iAmMusic Festival, Indie Music and Arts Festival, Durango Colorado

Going Inward... Bees, Honey, Pollination

September 29 - October 21, 2017... Reveries . Three Years of Willowtail Springs . Opening Reception September 29th at The Durango Arts Center, 802 East 2nd Avenue, Durango 

October 2017 - January 2018... The Bees ... Artist Reception October 6 at IlluminArts, 1309 East 3rd Avenue, Durango Colorado

November 2017... Going Inward . Opening Reception November 3 at The Recess Gallery, Studio &, 1027 Main Avenue, Durango Colorado

December 1-9, 2017... Bizarre Bazaar! A holiday bazaar+Turkish style bazaar Opening Reception Friday December 1 at Studio & 1027 Main Ave. Durango Colorado


Crystal Hartman is a multi-media artist and a jeweler. Her artwork has been shown at locations such as the Center for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona Spain, the National Palace of Culture, Sophia Bulgaria and The Lill Street Art Gallery, Chicago Illinois.  She received her BFA for Printmaking from The University of Colorado at Boulder, studied Image in Enamel at Ox-Bow, School of Art and Artist Residencies and teaches drawing and the love of creativity through small regional workshops. Studying Femininity in Argentine Society, filming with Null Skateboards in Spain, and diving into public art and cultural craft in Chaing Mai, Thailand, Crystal’s work is inspired by reflections on human experience, ritual and storytelling.  Her large and small, whimsical, carnal creations open conversations within and between disparate perspectives. Hartman is a recipient of the National Watercolor’s Merwin Altfeld Memorial Award for Storytelling in the Arts and with inspiration from Willowtail Artist Residencies, is now working to share stories of pollination and pollinator studies.  She was the founder and director of Durango Open Studios and is an active member and lover of the southwest Colorado arts community. Her writing and visual poetry can be found in Art Jewelry Magazine, CutBank Literary Journal and Interrupture Magazine, and through Open Country Press.  Crystal Hartman Art Jewelry can be found at select galleries and fine jewelry stores throughout the west.



Crystal Dawn Hartman



Denver Colorado, Studio Colfax, 2418 E Colfax Ave

Durango Colorado, Studio &, 1027 Main Ave.

Telluride Colorado, Gold Mountain Gallery, 135 West Colorado Ave.



Denver CO, Gusterman Silversmiths, 1418 Larimer St.

Durango CO, Lively -809 Main Ave.

Minturn CO, The Scarab -201 Main St.

Silverton CO, K& C Traders -1152 Greene St.

Seattle WA, hitchcock Madrona -1406 34th Ave.

Whitefish MT, Going to the Sun Gallery-137 Central Ave.



Book Cover, "Assembly" Michael Hardt and Antoni Negri, Oxford University Press, New York, NY, August 2017

Book Cover, “Verde Que Te Quiero Verde: Poems After Federico Garcia Lorca” Open Country Press, Missoula MT, March 2016 Second Edition, November 2016

Book Cover, “Like A Teardrop and A Bullet” Dancing Girl Press, Chicago IL, April 2016

Publication -Visual Response, “All Accounts and Mixture: Visual Response to Federico Garcia Lorca by Crystal Hartman” CutBank Literary Journal, Missoula MT, July 2014

Book Cover, “40 Years of CutBank” CutBank Literary Journal, Missoula MT, October 2013

Publication “Gritty Silk” Collaborative Visual-Poetry Contribution with Rachel Mindell, Pity Milk Press,, August 2013

Publication -Visual Review, “Darling Beastelettes” Gina Abelkop, (Apostrophe Books) CutBank Literary Journal, Missoula MT June 2013

Publication -Visual Review, “Apparition Wren” Maureen Alsop, (Main Street Rag Publishing Company) CutBank Literary Journal, Missoula MT January 2013

Collection “The Poorest Florist” The Fiction Project at the Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY, 2011



“Reaction/Action” A Collaborative Art Installation at Studio &, Durango CO, February 2017

“Community” YogaDurango, Durango CO October 2016-Present

“Down the Rabbit Hole” Collaborative Sculptural Installation at the Durango Arts Center, Durango CO, February-March 2015

“Iron Horse Classic” Photo and Video Installation for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the of the Iron Horse Classic Bicycle Race, The Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, Durango CO, September 2012

“Soldiers and Strings” Collaboration with Jeff Madeen at The Art Library, Durango CO 2011 

“A moment and silence” Eco Installation for Move and Be Moved, Taos NM 2009

“A Bird to an Artists Heart” Mural at Nimmanhaemin, Chiangmai, Thailand, February 2007

“Such ingratitude after all the times I saved your life” Video Installation at the CCCB, Barcelona, Spain December-January 2006-’07

“Connotations” Paper Installation at Shy Rabbit Contemporary Art, Pagosa Springs CO, October 2006

“The Fly” Drawing Installation at 25 Blai, Barcelona Spain, March 2006 



Current and Upcoming:

+ indicates solo show or featured artist, I indicates Invitational, J indicates Juried, G-Group


+ “Scrolls” at Illumen Arts, Durango, CO September-December, Opening Reception September 15th

I “Reverie, Artists of Willowtail” at the Durango Arts Center, Durango CO, September-October, Opening Reception September 29th

+ "Pollination Hibernation" in The Recess Gallery, Studio &, Durango Co, November, Opening Reception November 3


G “De Los Muertos" at Studio &, Durango CO, October 2012-2016

(2016 "The Passage Between”…)

I “The Bracelet” at Kathleen Sommers, San Antonio, TX, November (2013-2016)


+ “Double Trouble” Dan Groth and Crystal Hartman, Durango Arts Center, Durango, October-December

J “De Los Metros” Outnumbered Gallery, Littleton Colorado, October 

I “Boogeyman” Haas Brothers Gallery, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, October

+ “Canary” at Studio Colfax, Denver CO, September-October

+ “Snakes and Snowflakes” Raider's Ridge, Durango CO, November-December

I “Beyond the Stone -Contemporary Jewelry Design from Colorado Metalsmiths” Denver International Airport, Denver CO, June-September

I “Under Pressure - The Art of the Hand Pulled Print” DAC, Durango CO April-May

I “10x10” Auction and Fundraiser, Studio &, Durango CO, April


I “Bound” Studio &, Durango CO, February

+ “Recurring Butterfly” Studio Colfax, Denver CO, April-May

+ “Featured Artist”, Online Exhibition, Durango Arts Center, April-May

G "Creepy Beautiful" Sweet 11 Gallery, Durango CO, October

I “Human" . Pura Vida, Durango CO, July-August

I "Artists Working" A Fundraiser for Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center, Willowtail Springs, Mancos CO, July


J “TOP Jewels, International Jewelry Exhibition” Juried Exhibition. Durango Arts Center, May 16-June 28

J “Earthly Delights -Metalsmiths Inspired by Nature” Juried Exhibition. Lillstreet Art Gallery, Chicago IL, April-June

J “Extinct” Juried Exhibition. Studio &, Durango CO, February-March

J “Telluride Aids Benefit” Juried Runway Show, Sheridan Opera House, Telluride CO, February-March

+ “Her Amazing, Magnetic, Pulling Closer Machine” with The Panoply Project, Melangue, Telluride CO, February


J “Aspen Aids Benefit” Juried Runway Show, Belly Up, Aspen CO, April

J “Telluride Aids Benefit” Juried Runway Show, Sheridan Opera House, Telluride CO, March 

I “Year – A brief underview of the history of time.” Studio &, Durango CO, February


I “DYNAMO”  Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder CO - September 

+ “Past Lives”  A Panoply Project Event, The Lost Dog, Durango CO - September

+ “You are my Muse”  Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, Pagosa Springs CO - Summer 

G “Recycled Art”  Feat of Clay Gallery, Aztec NM, April-May

G “Previously Entitled”  Studio &, Durango CO, February 


+ “Working with the Hummingbirds” The Rochester Hotel, Durango CO

+ “I am a Scientist” - The Panoply, Exhibition and Performance- The Rochester Hotel

G “Monsters Under My Bed or In My Head,” Studio &, Durango CO October


 I “Text” Raider’s Ridge, Durango CO October-December


I “Single Speed World Championships” Ska Brewing World Headquarters, Durango CO


J “National Watercolor Society 88th Annual Exhibition” Riverside Art Museum, Riverside CA

J “Deliciously Weird” A Guerilla Art Event with McCarson Jones, Durango CO

J “After Urban -Video Art and Architecture Event” Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania


J “United BAC!06” (Festival of Contemporary Art) CCCB (Center for Contemporary Culture) Barcelona, Spain

J “Forms, Figures and Symbols” Shy Rabbit Gallery, Pagosa Springs CO


J “Local Expressions” Durango Art Center, Durango CO 

II “Crossing Borders” Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, Mexico City 

BFA SHOW - “Or Best Offer” University of Colorado Art Museum, Boulder CO 

G“4th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2005” National Palace of Culture, Sofia Bulgaria: June, Lessedra Gallery, Lozenetz, Sofia Bulgaria



CoMA - Colorado Metalsmiths Association, 2016-2017

SNAG - Society of North American Goldsmiths, 2015-2017

Durango Arts Center - 2009-2017

The Panoply Project - Ladies’ Art Collaborative with Manoply, 2010-2017

Crystal Hartman at Studio &, Durango Colorado During the Opening of Rings!, 2015  

Crystal Hartman at Studio &, Durango Colorado

During the Opening of Rings!, 2015


Process, Inspirations and Updates...