The Lost Wax Jewelry Process

In the traditional Lost Wax Process, we carve and draw with hot wax to create sculptural forms, adornment , jewelry. We use knives and files and fire to clean them up.  

Building an investment (much like plaster) mold around them, we place the mold (with waxes inside) in a kiln and burn the wax away.  What is left are hollow cavities that we pour liquid metals -silver, gold, bronze, brass- into.  Once the mold and metals have cooled, it is quenched in water where the mold breaks away.


We are left with the jewels, now silver and gold... that used to be wax.  Each piece is sanded and dremmeled, earring posts and pendant bails, necklace chains and brooch pins are soldered on and the pieces are buffed or tumbled.  Stones are cleaned up to shine and then set in the jewels which are then polished, finished, and delivered to their new homes!


Wax carved around natural Royston Turquoise from Nevada



After being cast, cleaned and stone set, a custom Sterling Silver and Royston Turquoise Bracelet by Crystal Hartman.