Pollinators and Willowtail Springs

With the generous support of the Durango Arts Center and Willowtail Springs, I write you from a cabin surrounded by flourishing meadows, cedars, sage, cacti and wild honeybees!  I am diving into studies of pollination and pollinators for a series of drawings, paintings and jewels to help share their story. Please join us on April 11that Studio Colfax, Denver Colorado during the opening reception for an exhibition of this work and further studies on fertility and life... I guarantee a very fine time!

Studio Colfax - 2418 East Colfax, Denver Co. 80206
(my work will be featured throughout April, you can visit most days from 11:00-7:00)

WillowTail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center - willowtailsprings.com
Durango Arts Center - durangoarts.org
** check it out, my work is featured in the DAC online exhibition this month!  Curated by Elsa Jagniecki  ...here


Image from inside the studio at Willowtail Springs Artist Residency 


Outside the studio and beside the lake at Willowtail Springs... Oh so beautiful!