White Chocolate Milk

Happy Weekend! If you are blissed out, tuckered out, playing in the snow and simply need a change of pace in Southwest Colorado this weekend, head over to Studio & for Place, an exhibition conjuring the feelings, visions, senses of memory… *Opening Reception Friday, February 22, 5pm… Come and enjoy!

I’ve made something special and am honored to Present:

White Chocolate Milk

a puppet show and short film…


When I was twelve my parents took us away from Durango to spend an extended time north of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.  It grabbed me: the sound of the Gamelan, the rituals, craft, the rich culture in thick, lush life.  While I was young, several moments from my time in Ubud hold my mind and heart like no others.  I offer a tiny glimpse into that place.  

The story goes like this… After we had been in Ubud for several weeks, I experienced my first hint of homesickness and asked a woman from the village if she could make me chocolate milk.  She said yes, left, and returned with a glass of white milk.  I later came to discover that she had melted white chocolate bars and whipped them into the milk.  It was divine!  I drank it all, set the glass on an outdoor table, and left for the day.  When we returned, the entire patio, the table, and the glass were black, covered entirely with ants.  I suppose it was my first great experience of the surreal and of abundance.

The use of shadow puppets is inspired by the Wayang tradition of Indonesian puppetry.

White Chocolate Milk

Written, Designed, Directed, and Puppetry by Crystal Hartman

Music and Puppetry by Devin Frank

February, 2019 

Place:  Ubud, Bali, Indonesia February 1995 8.5069° S, 115.2625° E

PLACE … Friday February 22 - March 2 at Studio &, Durango Colorado,

Let me know what you think! And happy weekend!