Top 10 Reasons to Love

Love is in the air and I can't think of anything better to celebrate... LOVE how we love thee! I sat down over the weekend with paper and pencil to make a list of the top ten reasons to love and (troubled by the weight of these days and a tiny head cold) I couldn't think of any.  So I wrote my friend Kevin who when I asked him at the start of the year, "What is your purpose?" He answered, "To love." And in the way of a true friend he lit up my heart with this list...

1. Love needs no reason, no explaination, it springs forth slowly or quickly but always suddenly touching one's entirety with truth beyond the way we question and inspect every other realm of being.

2. Love gives all and receives all without demands or expectations.

3. Love bridges distance between, that we feel support, strength, hope- with love surrounding there's connection no matter stretches of time or miles apart.

4. We see vaster, feel deeper, go beyond the known, for love cracks open our previous borders of what was possible.

5. There's no greater challenge, no greater reward, to walk a path of love, one will always feel purpose.

6. Love is a language beyond words, beyond even species. Animals & plants grow healthy surrounded by love.

7. By loving now we send future hearts handholds to grip as they climb into discovery of what love can be.

8. By continuing to love we receive strength from all hearts of the past.

9. Love is the best food, literally & metaphorically, it nourishes & heals.

10. There are infinite reasons, love needs no reason.

Love how we love thee... tiny little illustration of lover xo

Love how we love thee... tiny little illustration of lover xo

May your days be warmed by the love that is in and around us all.

Happy Valentines Day! 


Crystal Hartman

...And an enormous Thank You to Kevin Johnson for this beautiful list of reasons to love.